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Originally Posted by bobofthedesert View Post
What a tragedy. There has to be a better way to arrest a guy like this than breaching when he's inside and armed. The outcome is almost predictable. What about the "have someone smack him behind the ear with a blackjack while he's buying his Big Gulp at 7-11" option?

I pray for the Officer's recovery, and I hope LEO's everywhere will learn from this horrible occurrence, because otherwise it was all for nothing. You gotta be smarter than the average bear......
Here's to a speedy and complete recovery.

As to taking him in public, you have to figure out your balance point between possibly letting him fire shots in a public setting with no real way to contain him or keep by standers generally safe vs. taking him in a (possibly) fortified structure where he is only directing shots at people that are prepared and willing to do the job.

Tough call to make.
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