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Originally Posted by jhoover View Post
Here's to a speedy and complete recovery.

As to taking him in public, you have to figure out your balance point between possibly letting him fire shots in a public setting with no real way to contain him or keep by standers generally safe vs. taking him in a (possibly) fortified structure where he is only directing shots at people that are prepared and willing to do the job.

Tough call to make.
Agreed, but just to be clear, I was suggesting something a lot more low key than a traffic stop or something like that, I'm talking about him being trailed by people in plainclothes and non LE issue vehicles, with some guy who is "least likely to be made as a cop", as I said, waiting in line behind him in the store and when his hands are busy, smacking him behind the ear with a flat sap. Hard. The guy was known to have weapons and had threatened to use them against LEO's, as far as I'm concerned that buys a lot of latitude in the actual mechanics of taking him into custody. "Speed, surprise, violence of action." Identify yourself when he wakes up. "Oh by the way, we're the Police".....

Him with a fractured skull, concussion, whatever vs. that officer taking a 12 gauge slug is an easy choice for me. Thank God he wasn't better equipped and better trained, as anyone with military FIBA/MOBA/MOUT training knows its not beyond the realm of possibility that most of the stack could have died in the funnel. A 20rd mag dump of 7.62 could easily accomplish that, shield and plates or not.
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