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Originally Posted by RGR.Montcalm View Post
I can tell you that there isn't shit to do in Fort Chaffee AR.

they had to pipe in sunshine when i went to JRTC there...

That country has changed alot in the last fifteen years. I540 now runs from
I40 all the way to damned near Missouri. It's about twenty minutes to Fayetteville (AR, not NC) now, with the University. Lots of lookers, and this time of year, it's hot and muggy and nasty, so the girls aren't wearing much.

All the conveniences you will find elsewhere, you can find in NW Arkansas nowadays, unlike back in the 80s and earlier, when it really was like something out of "The Shepherd of the Hills."

I grew up near Fayetteville, and haven't spent much time in that area since I was a private, but I do go back occasionally. Everytime (last time was 3 years ago.) I go, I am amazed at the expansion.
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