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BS/BA in Criminal Justice or something else?

So I am 5 classes from getting my AS in criminal justice from a local state college and I'm starting to debate about what I should get my BS/BA in.

I intend to go to the police academy(assuming I pass the entry process) in April. I've heard from people at school that to climb the ranks at the sheriff's office or local police departments you pretty much have to have a bachelors degree or more(our sheriff has a masters and loves higher education).

The state college I'm getting my AS from has a BS in criminal justice, among a couple other programs. If you get your BS in criminal justice there, then you are guaranteed entry into the masters program in CJ at Florida State Univ. online.

So is a BS in CJ actually worth getting, or is it better to get a bachelors in something else so I would have something to fall back on if the LE route doesn't work out for some reason?

Thanks in advance. I've asked the opinions of some other people online, but I trust everyone here a lot more.
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