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I am going to state what many others have said and forgo the CJ degree.

Do you plan to stay in local LE or do you have any career aspirations to go federal?

Many agencies are looking for Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Forensics, Accounting, International Affairs, and anything cyber related.

I got my CJ degree back when it was popular but for the last few years it has been useless. I enjoyed the classes but I wish I would have followed my gut (at the time) and got my BA in Sociology.

I stayed on and got my second degree in History and have gotten more calls for that than the other.

If I could do it over I would have went the International Affairs/Cultural Anthropology or Forensic Psych route.

I will say though that my good friend got his BA in CJ and then went and got his MA in either CJ or Public Administration and climbed up the career ladder in OH DOC.
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