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Originally Posted by Kip View Post
Attempted to get into the police academy at the college I go to.

Was denied because I showed deception during the poly for the question, "Are you withholding any information about your involvement with illegal drugs?".

Asked if I could retake the poly, was told it wouldn't matter because they still had the one that showed deception. Asked if there was an appeals process, was told it didn't matter because the selection center coordinator had spoken to the academy director before calling me and the director agreed with the selection center dude.

For the record, I've never done illegal drugs. Period.

So now I'm looking into other police academies in Florida, while taking a couple classes so I can knock out my AS.

A couple of suggestions -

Have you filed a Public Records Request (Chpt 119 F.S.) for a copy of the polygraph materials - with both the college/academy as well as with the contracting agency who performed the poly exam? A request for everything including the charts, audio/visual recordings, poly questions, statements, reports, test charts, any "scoring" done by the examiner, examiner's conclusions, notes, everything related to your exam? Normally, there is a quality control review of exams and any reviews can be requested. Don't forget that the examiner may have taken stuff back to his agency that he didn't provide to the school so one simple request to the school may not get you everything.

Once you have the materials, you might need to pay for an independent polygrapher to review what you find - but in doing so, you will get an idea of what you are up against. If you do get an independent reviewer to assess, you may find that your test was not correctly scored, or that with a few follow-up questions, the reviewer can retest you and remove any signs of deception. Look carefully and see if the examiner commented on any post exam admissions or confession.

Another step towards resolution is to download a copy of the Selection Center's Policy Letter. Compare what they are supposed to do and what they did. Did they do all of this by the provisions of the policy? Do you have any appeals that they haven't provided you?

Not all Florida academies require a polygraph and leave that step up to the hiring agency after graduation. So you may be able to get the training elsewhere in Florida. But leaving that polygraph out there uncontested/uncorrected will probably play hell with your eventual hiring. If you were fingerprinted during your application, that inquiry is already on file and any background investigator that does the job, will go back to the ORI on the inquiry and find out what happened.

PM me if you want to talk.

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