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I see a lot of PTSD "disabled" guys riding around on Harleys and I can't help thinking jaded thoughts. Years ago I went to one group therapy session for help (I was already SC for other issues and was not working a claim), but found myself in a room with 2 other legitimate combat or combat-wounded vets and about 25 nonhacks and various opportunists working claims. The 3 of us never said a word, just sat there and watched the bullshit and the tears pile up. (You got an issue, here's a tissue) And to add insult to injury, the shrink who was running the show was like Mr Rogers in a room full of 4-year olds. I'm sitting there thinking, I'm a grown man, why is this asshole talking like this?

The session had one positive effect on me. It made further group conselling unecessary.
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