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Originally Posted by OldSwabbie View Post
I am NOT a combat veteran, but I lost a lot of my hearing because of my job in the US Navy. I have a ringing in my ears that NEVER, EVER goes away because of it as well. I have other injuries that have me at 100% disabled ... but I continue to work 50 hours a week and put up the pain. I would go CRAZY if I didn't work.
Same here on all of the above. 6 1/2 years of working with high pressure steam pipes above my head or standing next to a big diesel or in a decontamination suit with an air-fed hood while running a radioactive waste press played havoc with my hearing. I made a copy of my med record before I separated in 1994, and the annual hearing tests show an ongoing decline. It also contains documentation of a half dozen ankle injuries over an 8 year period, which matters because of my collapsed arches, resulting knee pain, and chronic ankle pain that makes walking painful and running impossible. I was a wreck 18 years ago when I separated, but I was told that if I didn't sign off saying that I was physically OK, my EAOS would be delayed until I finished recieving treatment. I dropped off my records at the VA as soon as I became a civilian, but I never applied for any benefits. After all these years, I have an appointment later this week to evaluate what help if any the VA will render. They told me that all I needed to bring was my DD214 and my marriage license.
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