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Originally Posted by Headshot View Post
I'm glad I saw this as it has backed up what others have told me about getting a re-eval. So check this out, I have two rods in the neck of my femur from fastroping, two in my right foot from another service related injury, chronic back issues from the butchers that worked on my leg at Martin Army and jumping out of flying floating rolling things, and PTSD. I get 10%......that was for hearing loss. I'm laughing right now, really. Going and getting a re-eval has sounded aggravating and exhausting but I know I need to. So am I to gather from what I've read that the VA is the best place to start?
I'd start with collecting all of your medical records, military as well as civilian.
Find a good VSO that has an office in your VARO, make an appointment and have them help you fill out the paperwork.
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