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I am going through the re-eval process now. When folks who had been there before said it would be easier to just walk way; they were not kidding! Talk about a pain in the a$$. Unfortunately just the way it is...

I do have a question. I have been given "x" rating when I left active duty. I was mobilized on orders (my Guard unit) and am not back from my OCONUS deployment. I had my VA compensation stopped until after I came back from my deployment which is what you are supposed to do. I blasted my ankle pretty good on a V-22 fast rope and then again a couple months later doing PT. The 18D who looked at it suggested I go to the emergency room. I did and have the paperwork to support my claims. I put supporting paperwork on my re-eval and had my physical this past with QTC this past Thursday. My question is since I submitted for a re-eval will my original "x" rating compensation start after the decision of my re-eval rating or am I supposed to do something to kick back on? I spoke with my case manager (she didn't know), my VSO manager (she didn't know) and have called a couple of different people (who don't seem interested in calling me back). Any thoughts ideas?
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