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It is incumbent upon YOU to 'connect the dots'.

I had to 'wiki' gout to find causes of gout. There really can be a connection between gout and a specific injury or surgery to the foot.

With all due respect; if you are a Veteran, the VA will help to take care of you... it will cost. If you are a Service Connected Veteran, the VA will take a greater part in your help. If you have a 50% (?) or greater disability rating there will not be any cost. All this is terrific for us.

We all develop new conditions as we age; some are Service Connected and other are not. You can get compensation for Service Connected disabilities... but not for every other thing that pops up in your life... as distressing as it may be.

When you separated from AD, you should have had the opportunity to tell them, at that time, that you had an issue with your foot. If you did that, that may be all you need to 'connect the dots'.

Having said all that, I AM sorry for your troubles.

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Im not sure how exactly i would do that...though i never had problems until after my third deployment...think it really started bothering me after tons of rucking and some hard jump landings...any advice how they determine if it is service related?
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