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Originally Posted by txb&b View Post
I've been curious about is how the attrition rate percentages are calculated. Is it the number of BUD/S grads divided by the number classing up at Phase 1 or by the number reporting to Indoc?
That one is always going to be open to some "other" factors. i.e., say BUD/S Class 270 (the following are NOT actual numbers) started Phase 1 with 150 guys and at graduation, Class 270 had 20 graduates. But 8 of those were rollbacks from earlier classes...

Ok, so you could say 12 original grads from the original 150. But wait... 12 of the originals rolled back into other classes and 5 of those graduated with other classes. So do you say 17 originals from Class 270 graduated BUD/S... but not all with Class 270... even further if 5 of those "originals" that got rolled back, say 2 of them got rolled back before Class 270 Hell Week and started class 271 from phase 1, day 1.... do you count them as Class 270 originals or 271 originals? And it could on with other different scenarios.

I think basically you see my point. It's all going to come down to the factors you consider and all the different parameters.