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I think they have

When the BUD/S Instructors say it, when the numbers jump way up (I noticed you left out Officer Numbers), when they cut out 5 weeks to make it more "effecient", yes, it is easier.

"A Washington Post story in 2006 quoted the top SEAL commander as saying he might eliminate some water-immersion sessions to help more candidates pass. The command’s leaders now say they have not cut back on water challenges outright, but have adjusted them based on prevailing conditions, including the surf and weather."

Sorry SOCS, they have made it easier, when that many things go together I am not sure how you can say it has not gotten easier. Yes, the prep work is better as is the recruiting but the stress and evolutions have gotten easier. They have kept the Run, Swim and O-Course Times but the stuff that really makes it hard-JOCK UP, Circus, Hammer Sessions, Surf Torture Times, etc..are gone or shadows of their former selves. So, I have to respectfully disagree with you and say I think that they have dropped the training down a few notches. I know the pressure that is on the O's to get the numbers up, if you think they are not going to do whatever they have to do in order to get those numbers up and make their next paygrade I think you are in denial or forgetting how those politics come into play.

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