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Originally Posted by Medic5392 View Post
When the BUD/S Instructors say it, when the numbers jump way up (I noticed you left out Officer Numbers), when they cut out 5 weeks to make it more "effecient", yes, it is easier.

"A Washington Post story in 2006 quoted the top SEAL commander as saying he might eliminate some water-immersion sessions to help more candidates pass. The commandís leaders now say they have not cut back on water challenges outright, but have adjusted them based on prevailing conditions, including the surf and weather."

Sorry SOCS, they have made it easier, when that many things go together I am not sure how you can say it has not gotten easier. Yes, the prep work is better as is the recruiting but the stress and evolutions have gotten easier. They have kept the Run, Swim and O-Course Times but the stuff that really makes it hard-JOCK UP, Circus, Hammer Sessions, Surf Torture Times, etc..are gone or shadows of their former selves. So, I have to respectfully disagree with you and say I think that they have dropped the training down a few notches. I know the pressure that is on the O's to get the numbers up, if you think they are not going to do whatever they have to do in order to get those numbers up and make their next paygrade I think you are in denial or forgetting how those politics come into play.
I don't have officer numbers because they are not visible to me. The system we use to track enlisted candidates does not include officers. The enlisted numbers I provided clearly do not show a huge increase in the number making it through training. However, I will agree that starting with Class 280 the numbers will start to get higher.

Now I'm going to cross over into theory. NSW as a whole played right into the hands of all the outside influences that have been trying to get us to lower our standards for years. It started when RADM Maguire convinced Navy Recruiting Command that they should hire former Team Guys to act as Mentors at each of the 26 recruiting districts across the country (started in 2006). Next came the funneling of all NSW recruits into special divisions at RTC and the formation of the 8-week BUD/S Prep Course following RTC.

I came to the unsettling conclusion that no matter what I did to help these young recruits, that only about 10% of them had a chance of making it beyond Hell Week. That 10% never needed me to begin with and I realized that I was earning a living based on a lie.

Now I will take it one step further. After nearly 4 years and millions of dollars spent there has been no real increase in BUD/S output. Just like the mafia, the outside influences have come to collect. They will now force NSW to lower standards and there isn't a damn thing NSW can do to stop it.

In the words of Ashton Kutcher, "we have just been punked!" You still think I'm in denial about the politics?