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Originally Posted by RetiredSOCS View Post
I remember this evolution like it was yesterday. Class 188 had to tread with hands out of the water. If you lowered your hands you got pulled out and told to lay on your back with twin-80's on and feet and arms in the air like a dead bug. Two guys actually non-verbal DOR'd because they panicked and swam to the side without being told. Even with their hands down they couldn't keep themselves from sinking. Only 3 or 4 guys in my class finished the full 5 minutes with hands out of the water. Everyone else played dead bug until time was up then got beat.

None of the guys who dropped their hands had to redo the tread. That really doesn't sound like pass/fail to me.

I spoke with CB who was the BUD/S director of training about a year ago, and he specifically mentioned the tread as being one of those evolutions that every team guy could give a different take on how it was done for their class and how we as a community need to standardize training.

Weird, it was pass/fail in my class.

We did, however, learn that the twin 80's will float if they are empty. We figured it out about halfway through. The instructors couldn't figure out why no one was having issues with the tread, I barely had to kick my legs.

Of course, they eventually caught on and made us do it again with the twin 72's, which sucked, then we got the JOCK UP drill for 4 hours after we ran back behind the cattle car from the CTT.

The pass/fail thing may have changed due to the whole twin 80 change over.

No matter, pool comp was were they got rid of a lot of chaff anyway.
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