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Originally Posted by Hawk14 View Post
Quick question for everyone. If I was in a lottery pool, and I bought tickets outside of the pool, and I win with those numbers.. Would I have to split it with my coworkers or would it all be mine? I haven't even won yet and people are talking about suing me LOL.

This was actually on a Stupid News segment on a radio program near me.

This guy won like 6 million tried to say it was a seperate ticket apart from the work pool, so the people shouldn't get anything. They were suing for their share. However, it sounded like the guy was being a greedy bastard.

I would just make sure they are apart of seperate transactions and you can prove that it was an extra ticket or something. In reality, everyone you work with is probably doing/thinking the same thing and already have their tickets and trying to improve their odds