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Originally Posted by DCH View Post
..word is she wouldn’t sink and had to be demolished -or something of the sort- from within to finally sink her..
Basically, her final duty was a test study.

After being prepared for a SINKEX operation, on April 19th, 2005, the ex-USS America was towed hundreds of miles off the Virginia coast. Soon after taking up station, the onslaught began. The ship was pummeled by explosions both above and below the waterline. After nearly four weeks of these activities, the carrier was scuttled. On May 14th, 2005, the vessel's stern disappeared below the waterline and the ship began its voyage to the seafloor.

The exact location of the ship, which at the time of its sinking was said to be roughly 300 miles off Virginia, was actually quite a bit further out according to this interesting article about its final resting place. The depth it rests at is also quite telling—nearly 17,000 feet down. Clearly, the Navy didn't want anyone nosing around the hulk after it sunk.
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