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Originally Posted by Steve788 View Post
From about six months in 7th Psyops Group (USAR),
it's marketing--attempting to modify the target
audience's attitude/perception--to accomplish or
facilitate accomplishing our goals/objectives.

Major CQB opportunities would probably involve
balky printers, or loading powerpoints from
I would not call that a fair rollup at all.

PSYOP is extremely broad, it is not limited to "just marketing" I would recommend downloading and reading through the PSYOP FMs (3-05.301 and 3-05.302) as well as multiple other SOF ADRPs.

The cool thing about PSYOP is you are only limited by your imagination. Get out of the box and stretch your legs a little. There is no "set" way to do PSYOP, which is one of the struggles of the community.

CQB is in abundance IF you go tactical PSYOP. There is actually a tactical detachment dedicated to deploying with the 75th RGR Regt. So the opportunities are there.
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