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Originally Posted by Psyop Shaw View Post
I would not call that a fair rollup at all.

PSYOP is extremely broad, it is not limited to "just marketing" I would recommend downloading and reading through the PSYOP FMs (3-05.301 and 3-05.302) as well as multiple other SOF ADRPs.

The cool thing about PSYOP is you are only limited by your imagination. Get out of the box and stretch your legs a little. There is no "set" way to do PSYOP, which is one of the struggles of the community.

CQB is in abundance IF you go tactical PSYOP. There is actually a tactical detachment dedicated to deploying with the 75th RGR Regt. So the opportunities are there.
Originally Posted by HaydenH6 View Post
I knew of PSYOP having a tactical and “marketing” aspect of it, and the overall objective. Thank you for clarifying about the tactical side deploying with the 75th. I was only interested in knowing how much potential there is for combat, and the tactical side clears that up for me, thank you!
But these jobs are for highly disciplined troops that can follow instructions, which you obviously cannot. Do not post again until you post your introduction here. or the only aircraft you will deal with is a Black Chinook.
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