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I have municipal water stubbed out on the property, but digging the ditch and running the line up to the house would be about $3K, and since Black Mountain is a gravity-powered system, and I'm at the exact same level as the reservoir (2,500') I'd need a booster pump, which is at least another $K. So, minimum of $4K to get municipal water that I'd have to pay for,
or -

I dug a well 285' and got a 10 gpm flow with a 60' static level, shallow enough that I have a Simple Pump brand of hand pump that's sticking down 100' into the column. Four strokes and I've got water. If the power goes out (not likely as I've got solar panels with battery backup, and the well pump is 'red plugged' to the batteries) I simply connect the hand pump head to the water line using a washing machine hose, and in a few pumps the 50 gallon pressure vessel is pumped up enough for you to take a shower.

I've also got a 1,500 gallon Tractor Supply rainwater cistern that's buried in the yard for watering the veggie garden and the greenhouse when we get one.

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