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I have 2 10k gallon cisterns in the ground, 1 I use to water livestock. The other one just leaks out during heavy rains. I have a 3k gallon water catchment system in pieces, waiting for someone to come repair my gutters. I may just install gutter made from PVC to ensure a cleaner fit. I am also going to put gutters on a large outbuilding to run rain water right into the operational cistern. (It has a pump and pressure tank) I am going to put a solar generator in that wellhouse so HH6 does not have to fuck with a generator when the power goes out. I also have piping which sadly is compromised from the cistern to the house. Ideally, I could use the city water system to fill the cistern and then shut off city water and pump cistern water through the whole house water system and run the drinking water through the reverse osmosis filter. Right now, I would have to do that with a hose, making winter use of this system a bitch.
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