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Originally Posted by Massgrunt View Post
I'm against the death penalty. I have personally seen bad eyewitness identifications and have arrested somebody for a rape that I was never sure he actually committed. People lie, people are wrong, people are dumb.
Eyewitness identification is a stand-alone standard for probable cause, the legal threshold for an arrest. Based on the incredibly poor history of eyewitness ID, I refuse to use it for PC without additional corroborating evidence. I use an Innocence Project presentation on the topic as well as the Ronald Cotton story as instructional materials when I teach academy legal and continuing ed courses for cops.

I have a solemn responsibility to protect the rights of a defendant as well as to seek justice for my victim in a criminal investigation. Reliance on eyewitness ID as a stand-alone does not adequately meet either of those obligations in my opinion.

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