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Originally Posted by grog18b View Post
Your post is incorrect.

...which is to not ruin someone's life with first offense armed robbery or aggravated assault charge, and plead to a lesser non violent offense. None of them were "normal law abiding people".
I don't think we're talking about the same thing. Krasner is permitting some gun cases (6106, 6111, etc.) to go to ARD. The only violent gun cases I've heard going to ARD were accidental/negligent shootings and self-defense cases.
Originally Posted by Macka View Post
How many people in Philly are wrapped up in the examples you used?
I'm guessing a lot, as I deal with similar cases quite frequently. And, I've talked to numerous cops who openly admit that they've found technical violations of carrying without a license that they've chosen not to charge (which is a good thing, but also the law needs to be changed).
Originally Posted by Believeraz View Post
Thank you. The procedures have undoubtedly improved, but there's definitely some work to be done.
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