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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
Not sure why this would be a problem. Diversion allows the system to separate the insane and drug dealers from the people who just fucked up. Pennsylvania’s gun laws are incoherent and lots of normal, “law abiding” people get put through the ringer for simply not knowing the technical (bullshit) aspects of 6106. And, for the 18-20 year olds with no record who get caught with a Glock... well, a lot of them are protecting themselves from actually dangerous people. I’d rather not see those adult citizens labeled felons and stripped of their 2nd Amd. rights for simply wanting to exercise their 2nd Amd. right.
The problem is that they are not using it to separate out the drug dealers from the fuck ups. The shooter in this incident had multiple felonies including gun offenses that were diverted, plead down, or dropped completely.

I was doing some research on a new investigation the day this happened, and ran a target's criminal history. He had four prior arrests for gun offenses in Philly. Those charges were eventually dropped. I've seen violent offenders out on bail in NJ for illegal possession of firearms and attempted murder (in the same county where the girl from Philly was locked up for two months (IIRC) for bringing her legal CCW firearm across state lines to the casinos).

They want us to disarm to solve this gun "crisis" while they play lawyer games with the guys who are the actual problem. And as lawyers go, Krasner in Philly is frighteningly pro-criminal.
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