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I don't have much to say about this. My thoughts and prayers are out to the victims. I used to be a jokester homophobe - made lots of fun of fags to prop up my own weak (at the time) self-esteem. Deep down though, I never really gave a shit if someone was a peter puffer or carpet muncher. As I've matured through the years, my views have changed significantly. I spend quite a bit of time with lesbian couples. They are my Wife's coworkers. I enjoy the hell out of them. All were devastated yesterday. I feel very sorry for them.

Islam needs to get their people in check and jump all over the radical elements of their religion. A very public reformation should be the order of the day. Oh, and fuck all the Sunni Wahhabists. Fuck Saudi Arabia for nurturing the Sect. They need to die.

I did make an ammo run yesterday. I'm going to make it a habit to increase my stores monthly until I run out of space to store it securely.
"The nice thing about Twitter, in the old days when I got attacked it would take me years to get even with somebody, now when Iím attacked I can do it instantaneously, and it has a lot of power. You see some genius statements on Twitter. You see some statements coming out which are Ernest Hemingway times two." - The Trumpmeister
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