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Originally Posted by Sigi View Post
I'm reading and listening to news today and the FBI seems to be in the crosshairs. They interviewed him three times during two investigations (as far as I can tell) and found no reason to place him on a terrorist watch list. I'm certain many Muslim men have been investigated based on various accusations or tips.

Based on limited information I'm wondering why the FBI is being taken to task. Did they drop the ball? Did this guy show himself to be a threat to Americans?

I'm not understanding the press. They seem to support letting more Muslim refugees into America. They seem to want Utopia here with regards to Muslims, and expect perfect execution of identifying who are the threats coming in, but yet don't understand why we can't find all the threats that are currently here now. In other words let's add more possible threats for an already overburdened Federal LEO workload?
The press doesn't understand or care about the "lone-wolf". They always want to put the blame on someone other than the fact the person was a bad apple that decided to lash out on whatever group for whatever reason. Then again, some bleeding hearts want people to be locked-up based on suspicious activity...and if it isn't done and the subject lashes out...then "they told you so" becomes the mantra of the sheep.
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