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Originally Posted by Macka View Post
The FBI does not work well with locals. They swoop in for interviews, don't tell you ahead of time, and swoop out. They don't request assistance, nor ask for input.

Locals have the scoop. And I'm not talking just local Detectives. I am talking local beat cops. That is who the FBI needs to be dealing with.

That said, this guy apparently was interviewed 3 times as part of two separate investigations. It was just reported on Fox Business that he has made multiple trips to the ME in the last few years. This, along with his online rants should have made him more of a investigative target. However, there are only so many FEEBS.
But what could they have done? Barred travel? Ok. What else? What in our constitution allows the .gov to lock someone up (legally) for some online rants and/or take their guns for excercising their 1A right?
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