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I'm not talking about a decrease in a 1 RM but that would be effected as well if that was something you ever trained for. We can use the 3-5RM since this is more of a test of strength that is accepted in the athletic world.

Getting better at completing the WOD or seeing increased muscularity is not an indication of strength. Anyone is getting "stronger" off of the WOD probably started from a strength deficient level to begin with.

Additionally this is incorrect as well:

Following the WOD would cause someone who'd trained specifically for 1RM to see a decrease in their numbers for isolation exercises...curls 'n stuff like that.
Those that train for 1 RM, such as powerlifters and olympic style lifters do not focus on isolation exercises at all. They also do a different protocol entirely.

I'm addressing the the fact that very few CF'ers use anywhere close to BW on the core lifts let alone the 2x or 2.5 of BW that is a level of strength most could reach with a few yrs of training under their belt.

So while CF is a good protocol for fitness, will not allow you to build or keep a level of strength that is considered strength and not just power output measured in reps/time/speed, most of CF is.

Judo, specifically requires very powerful legs, hips lower back and obliques, just like BJJ does. All things being equal the stronger guy who can properly apply that strength is going to win. Being able to whip through the different WOD with a high level of intensity is great but it won't give you this strength to keep up with those that are stronger than you. It shows you can do the WOD and have a good base of fitness.

How many CF'ers come anywhere close to using their BW on power cleans? How many squat even 1.5 % of their BW on any type of regular basis? Not many. Moving little WT's fast is still moving little WT's

I accept CF as a protocol. It is one of the many protocols that can be used to reach a good level of fitness. It has nothing do with strength.
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