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Originally Posted by Streck-Fu View Post
I can't imagine that $200k in 20s released (even if slowly over several years) would remain withing such a black market. I don't think it would take long for individual bills to make it into circulation and be brought back by a tourist.

I think the most probable answer is that the rest of the money lies with his body in the southern Washington forest.
There are many places in the world where US currency is horded because it is the currency standard for legal and illegal markets whom cannot or will not deal in local currencies. This results from a myriad of reasons from instability to horrid / non-existent ability to exchange. Many places the dollar functions like diamonds e.g. a stable local currency substitute.

Huge amounts of our currency is effectively "out of circulation" due to the drug trade. There are countries who not only peg their currency to ours but because of economic failures and unstable government only use our money, until it literally falls apart. Every single dollar that comes into a country like that stays until it decomposes.

Try imagining that 200K as a poker chip or marker that gets passed around or added to another, instead of some dude using it to buy ice cream cones at disney.

US currency disappears all the time. Food for thought.
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