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So now I have another piece of kit from 2Aholsters....

If you guys do any kind of vehicle PSD work or any kind of work at all where you carry a carbine, this hybrid holster is a great piece of kit. I wore it all day yesterday and it was totally comfortable and easy to conceal. Then we went to the range and fired about 200 rds of rifle and pistol from it. Reloading from the pistol pouches was flawless. The natural lay of this holster keeps your mags on your hip and most importantly, behind your rifle when transitioning to your side arm. Reloading from the rifle mag carrier was a natural movement and again the natural lay of the pouch puts the mag in an easy to reach location. I sometimes have trouble reaching the rear rifle mag because I have short arms, I guess because I have a little...... trouble reaching the rear mag. I did however have some trouble trying to put my rifle mags in bullet front. The mags definitely fit, so I am sure it was me, but you catch my drift.

I also had an issue with reloading the pouch and putting a pistol mag in the rifle compartment, again my issue that was easily overcome with use throughout the range session.

Take a peek.

As I carried it all day.

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