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Originally Posted by Macka View Post
There are boot beat cops in my department that have more day to day discretion than most FBI agents. I remembered being bewildered the first time I was out with the FBI and there was clear grounds to make an arrest and they had to call a AUSA to get the okay when most beat cops in my PD would have scooped the guy.

I'd really research any federal agency before signing on to be sure you know what you're getting yourself into.
My final gig before retirement was with a state crime bureau that opted for no probable cause arrests unless someone was in danger of bodily harm. Many years ago I spent time as a prosecuting attorney dealing with all of the arrests you mention. No qualms with what you are saying, but there are reasons both policies are there. In fact, in the federal government, there are US Attorneys more willing to pursue cases than those in other Districts.

I concur that Kip needs to research any agency (in fact, local, county, state, or federal) before signing. I've served in both good and bad, good is a lot more enjoyable.

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