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Another good read primarily on the Alamo scouts is: Shadows in the jungle; the Alamo Scouts behind Japanese lines in WWII.

Shadows is a mix of historical documentary, and narrative. It expands on the ‘Silent Warriors’ by Lance Zedric bringing life to the pages.

Excerpt, “The raid at Los Banos, one of the most successful rescues in American military history, went almost unnoticed by the public back home in the States. That was because on the very same day, February 23, 1945” U.S. Marines and a Navy corpsman raised a flag on top of Mount Suribachi.


“In early December, about a month into the lengthy mission, Sumner received a radio report about well-camouflaged Japanese warehouses on the out skirts of Ormoc City that reportedly contained stores of food and ammunition. The 6th Army had called in air strikes, but the planes had been unable to spot the buildings beneath their camouflage netting. The task of knocking out the warehouses was thus passed on to Sumner and his men. He sat down with Nazareno and drew up plans to form a special contact company.”
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