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Originally Posted by sarc88 View Post
I just did an all-day benefit ride for Habitat, and in my group of 20 was an old Swabbie who was a die-hard HD guy from the 60s. He's on a cane full time, but can't give up riding. He tried the HD trikes and hated them, one ride on the CanAm, and he was back in the saddle. When we had a battery prob in the group, he reached into his side bag and pulled out cables. When someone ran out of gas, he pulled out a gallon container. This guy had his tunes, his coffee, and his knees in the breeze.

Its not for me (yet), but seeing the smile on that old busted up brother's face cured my doubts . Very viable option IMHO.
I think they are the coolest thing out there. Looks like something out of a sic-fi movie or Batman comic. If I had unlimited funds, I would buy one to cruise around with myself. The Polaris Slingshot is pretty cool as well, but I would take the Spyder over it.
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