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Originally Posted by dagger0824 View Post
Final update---

After 2.5 years of finding out I got selected, I finally graduated UPT and got the silver wings. There are a number of people on this forum who pointed me in the right direction and helped me get through the program. I appreciate everyone's support throughout this journey.

Hopefully this thread can help someone else with their goals in the future.

In case anyone is wondering I got picked up for EC-130s. Not too sure how transitioning from ACC to AFSOC works, but I would like to try and eventually switch to the AC-130 if the USAF will let me.
Congratulations!!! Very awesome to see another SOCNETter kicking ass. Where will you be stationed?
"The most HSLD stuff ever taught was the basics. So-called 'advanced training' is often no more than the very fluid and expert application of those basic skills." - SOTB
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