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Besides Hampton Sides' Ghost Soldiers book, Worldcat lists several materials hosted in libraries, so these might exist in digital format somewhere:

1) Historical Report 21 December 1945 from the 6th Ranger Infantry Battalion, United States Army (copy at US Army Heritage & Education Center).
2) George F. Monsarrat, "Operations of Company C. (Reinforced) 6th Ranger Infantry Battalion in the liberation of Allied Prisoners of War, at Pangatian Prison, in the vicinity of Cabanatuan, 28-31 January 1945 (Luzon Campaign): (Personal observation by Headquarter Company Commander), Fort Benning, GA: The Infantry School (1950?). Located at *MCOE HW Donovan Research Library, Ft. Benning GA. and located at *Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library, Fort Leavenworth Library, Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Aaaannnndd... a link:

Monsarrat's bibliography lists a few things that appear to be obtainable as well. Stanley, I suspect you just want something good to read, rather than a research project. Still, if some of the publications are of interest I can see what I can dig up.
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