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Originally Posted by jojoB375 View Post
How far you want to go? The details will be up on the site as soon as we nail them down. Working on a kick-off party and going to ride to Palm Springs from LA first so any one that wants to do a short departure ride with us can. We will be posting the schedule and the route maps so people can hook up around the country. We are taking a camera man and will be posting video blogs, pics, and helmet cams from around the country. So you can follow along on-line to. How was the WWII link up I saw an email that it was picked up on the news! I was bummed not to be able to be there.
Depends on when your leaving. I have some stuff lined up in FEB, but P.S. shouldn't be a problem if I have a day or two I'll keep an eye on the site to make sure I can make it.

I was at the Q and missed it last year, but I'll be around this year for it though. I went to visit a Darby Ranger on Wednesday but sadly he had passed.
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