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50% off Professional Certification (PMP, Lean Six, Agile etc)

Silverbullet approved.

I have secured a 50% scholarship for veterans from my company for professional certification training (PMP, Lean Six, Agile, Digital Marketing etc).

Catalog is here:

Coupon code is : VETS2017Fall

It is good till it hits the limit of 50 seats, then will get re-upped for Spring.

It is for single courses only, no exam fees (your GI Bill covers exam fees).

Professional certification should be thought of as PME in the civilian sector. It is a great alternative for veterans. Getting it completed will open up opportunity and get you access to interviews. Paying attention during the training, and actively re-learning civilian words for your military experience will get you language to speak to civilian hiring managers in those interviews and will let you advocate for yourself and articulate your own value.

Feel free to ask any questions here and I will do my best to promptly answer.

Make sure and do your research, there a slew of relevant free trainings in areas like Cybersecurity.