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Originally Posted by TennesseeDave View Post
They released the results of Aaron Hernandez's autopsy and he had stage 3 CTE, with stage 4 being the worst. He was 24 when he went to jail, so I'm surprised to see it so advanced in someone that young. Of the 111 former players they've tested, 110 had CTE. It's unfortunate that they can only verify it with an autopsy. This doesn't excuse his behavior as he has always been a thug. But his family is suing the NFL. If I had a son wanting to play ball, I'd think hard about not allowing it. There are several former Titans that are having serious problems that are probably related to CTE.
His family is suing because their meal ticket shit the bed. Fuck that thug and all of the parasites that suckled from his corrupt and criminal tit.

You take 300 lb + guys and make them slam into each other and then wonder why your brain hurts? And of course its not their fault. Sadly, the NFL's greed is worse, so despite the pathetic law suit in order to keep the personal mechanic for the Porsche, fuck the NFL as well, let them pay through the nose. It all happens cause everyday common folks keep paying their hard earned money to the tune of $150 a ticket to go and see it in person.

Gotta run, interview with ESPN.......
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