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Hello to the best warriors on the planet (and everyone else here),

I've been Active Duty USN for the past 8 years, currently MA2 (AW/SCI).

I did 4 years shipboard security on the USS-NIMITZ where I did everything from basic patrol officer to watch commander. I did a couple of deployments with them before I transferred. Then I spent 3 1/2 years at Mobile Security Squadron 3 where I worked in the armory, ran ranges and was a small craft coxswain.

Those were good times, driving boats and working with good guys.

I deployed with them to the O-Plats in Southern Iraq to guard ABOT and KAAOT for 6 months.

Thanks to the Boat Guys that were deployed out there at the time for giving us a ride back to Kuwait, that was my first MK-5 ride and it was badass.

I might join you one day....

I am currently stationed at SWFPAC Marine Corps Security Force Company where I sit in the MA Armory and do pretty much nothing until my secret clearance is updated again.

I will then more then likely go to the harbor security unit as a small-craft coxswain and do circles in my boat whilst contemplating the universe.

Many thanks for having me here, I look forward to some good times,

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