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Merry Christmas to all,

Thank you for allowing me to learn & share within this forum.
I was a USMC Sergeant in the MP/Corr field 5811/5831. I served for 8 years in MCB CamPen Corr Bn, PMO Cp Foster Okinawa, and finally at PMO MCB Quantico. I am now an LEO & in patrol with a Northern VA SO with approx. 600 sworn. My civilian LE background includes UC narc work & SWAT with both civilian agencies that I have worked with in the last 9 years.

I am currently scheduled to attend PAST with DynCorp on 02/08. Upon completion I will be working in Iraq as a Police Advisor. I am also working through the application & clearance process with BW & MVM, respectively. I came to this forum to learn as much as I could about these prospective career paths I am seeking before I committed to one of them. What I have found so far simply reading the posts has been immensely helpful. Again, thank you for allowing me to share in the collective experience & wisdom of this community.
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