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[QUOTE=RB;1058109261]Holy BattBoy from Hell Balls.....10 year anniversary thread resurrect?????

LOL...I know that the damn thread is old, but the more I read it, the more it pissed me off since I was an "old school 18X"...couldn't resist...just started typing and venting...I admit I was pup and not only in training, but when I got to my Team, the old 'Nam Vets didn't hesitate to shut my ass down when I got stupid!!!! Notwithstanding, I did see a lot of "heros in their own minds" simply quit when the shit got real. I remember sitting in the recruiters office, watching videos of Jump School and SF Training, getting pumped up in my air-conditioned environs with a can of Dr. Pepper in my hand as the motivational speaker and music blared through the speakers. I also remember laying in a wet fucking lean-to with sleet hammering around me, trying to maintain my fire while on survival thinking "where in the hell is that music when I need it."

I apologize if I got on a soap box, but I knew a lot of guys who were "rock stars" in their other units break down and quit in the "Q" while a lot of "kids" right out of high school kicked ass and became contributing members of the SF community. I also saw a lot of older soldiers kick some ass as well and were tremendous mentors to my dumb ass. As stated, it all depends on the individual when the music stops.
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