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Originally Posted by RetAFSecurity View Post
The guys I was checking on this for called him out but he insisted he's telling the truth.
Invite him to SN to verify his claim. It should be fun. How posers think they can spread their bullshit in the day of the internet always amazes me. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

I flew AF helos from 1985 to 2008, and I've never seen or heard of an enlisted pilot in the AF after WWII. He's FOS on this claim. Strike one:

The AF has never flown Cobras in an operational capacity. Never. There was (IIRC) a test bed AH-1 flown at Edwards and later flown at NASA AMES for test purposes, but the only helo gunships in the AF (Post Vietnam) were UH-1N models flown at Hurlburt and Howard. Strike two.

Since the poser claims to have been "shot down" in an AF Cobra during DS, and the AF never HAD any operational Cobras, obviously this claim is bogus. If he gives some bullshit about it being while he was an AF pilot "attached" to the Army flying Cobras, he's FOS. While the AF did indeed have a surplus of helo pilots in the late '80s and early '90s, no AF pilots that I know of were flying with the Army in operational units until after DS, when the "Peace Dividend" and subsequent manning drawdown forced the AF to "loan" helo pilots to the Army for an exchange tour. Strike three.

This guy is completely full of shit. Burn his ass. If you need a wingman for the burning, feel free to contact me.
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