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I currently own a HD Road King, and a Triumph Thruxton 900. I have owned 2 Honda Shadows in the past - one in the 80s when they 1st came out with the shaft drive, and another (1200) in 2008.

If you like the Shadow, and it fits your feet, knees, ass, back; your hands feel good on the grips - get it. That bike is 100% performance out of the box. No modifications or extra $$ necessary to sex it up, or juice up the rpm's. It's a hot bike, and it is relatively maintenance free. There is absolutely no cost of ownership comparison between that bike and the others you like - they're not even in the same league.

So why did I jump to the Road King? I wanted more oomph underneath my ass, and Harley's hold their value far better than Hondas. I also got a great deal on it.

Ask yourself, do you want the bike for transportation, or for a hobby? There are a metric shit-ton of aftermarket add-ons for Harleys, and that's part of the appeal. We all tweak our bikes to look a little different, to have it's own personality. You won't really get that with a Honda. What you will get is 20K mi/yr without ever seeing a mechanic.
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