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Originally Posted by mdwest View Post

I'm down with historical names like "yorktown", "enterprise", etc.. or significant naval leaders (i.e. Nimitz)... and love the idea of naming them after naval heros that acted with valor in combat (i.e. Dorie Miller)..

but never been too much of a fan of Presidents... especially presidents that didnt serve in the Navy.. (i.e Truman... a former Army Artillery Officer????? Eisenhower.. a former Army O10???? I love me some Ronald Reagan.. but.. a former Army Cav Captain that couldnt deploy during WWII due to poor eyesight???)..

Miller is a far better choice..
Even more sad are the Naval officers (still serving as well as retired) that expressing disappointment in this naming. It seems many either think that carriers need to be named after Presidents or officers.

I, too, hold the opinion that historically significant names like Midway, etc or Naval heroes should be given the honor of ship names.
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