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B 52 Crash and Recovery

In 1984 - Oct. a B52 crashed on Hunts Mesa - ParaRescue (PJ's) went up and saved 4 crew members and recovered the remains of the gunner (his ejection system failed and his legs were severed).

I and 6 other EST instructors went up the next morning and spent 10 days finding items that needed to be recovered - including Col. William Ivy's remains that ended up in a crevice 800 feet down - so we set up a top belay system - using 6 120' ropes and 2 600' ropes and had to rapell in stages down the crevice which was tired in design and about 3.5 meters wide -and rapelled down and recovered his remains. We also collected Priority A equipment and recording boxes.

You can find the crash on "Lost Flights" it was in Kayenta AZ, Hunts Mesa. Or a simple google search "B52 Bomber crashed into Hunts Mesa 1984". That's one mission I went on - I have photos - and can upload them - if anyone would like to see what a giant ash tray in the desert looks like?