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Cardio vs Power

I am currently in the DEP.
PAST test results are not official but are fine.

1. I want to compile all the pdfs that were on regarding workout plans and preparation into one centralized Thread. (If you have any please post a link or upload)

2. I want to know the proportion of Crossfit (like) workouts to Cardio workouts done at Indoc so I can train accordingly.

Lastly on another post I saw that the graduation standards included a 6 mile run in/under 44 minutes.

3. I want to know whether a 7 minute mile is standard for distance runs -and- whether or not 6 miles is a common length for "speed" runs.

4. What weight and time per mile can I expect for Rucks.

If you provide an answer please provide an experience. ie "We had to run 10 miles at a 7 minute pace"

Thankyou for viewing and all answers.
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