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Originally Posted by WGH0922 View Post
Good read... We were working in and out of Bahrain during that time frame 87-89 sporting Earnest Will.... The Sigonella DCS Station helped stand up and supported the ASU Bahrain Provisional Courier Station. We would rotate from Sig over there and do 3 month TAD stays on the base. Its now a full time Courier Station.

At the time, Bahrain was being built up by a Seabee unit. There was the Communications Station, BEQ/BOQ, a small mess hall, small theater, two pools, and a small PX. Maybe two blocks long. There was not a lot of folks billeted there at the time and they all lived off base. From what I've gleaned, it's changed even more since then when we inherited from the Brits.

On certain occasions, some Force Recon bubbas would crash out at the BEQ but never ran into SEALs or DBGs coming in from the barges. Other than the Seabees on base, we had an USN EOD unit, two couriers from Sig, the Desert Ducks HC-2 unit, which would rotate out of Norfolk, but had a permanent detachment there. If I wasn't making land runs, then I was jumping on hops with the Ducks out into the gulf and linking up with units.

My roommate was over there during the USS Roberts incident and I actually received flash traffic from the Vincennes on July 3rd and flew out to the ship with the Desert Ducks. Had trouble finding the ship we were almost past bingo. By the time we made it back to the base, we were going on full lockdown just in case.

Always enjoyed my rotations over there to Bahrain. A good mix of units supporting the mission plus a fun expat community. The EODs turned me onto the Hash House Harriers. Thankfully we could drink there and chase British stews. Fun times....
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