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Originally Posted by ramzmedic View Post
This coach took 12 kids 1.6 Mi deep into this cave. I can't for the life of me pretend to know why he would do something so stupid.

A plan being considered now is to have Thai SEALs go in and teach each kid how to scuba dive to get them out.

Heard a report from Thailand due to the monsoon season they may not be able to get these kids out until September or October. I cannot imagine what the parents are going through!
I'm going to assume it started off as an, "hey, let's check out this cave." Then it slowly and painfully turned into, "shit, I got us lost, the exit must be just around the next corner..." That coach probably feels the worst out of all of them. Doesn't excuse his decision making, but he was able to keep them all together and alive to be found. Not an easy task when talking about corraling 12 teen(ish) aged kids in a pitch-black, waterlogged cave.
It's like I'm playing cards with my brother's kids..

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