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Huntertown Arms makes a very nice, inexpensive modular (read multi-caliber) can. They're made of 3 sections. The center section is the serialized part, and is literally just a threaded tube designed to accommodate a threaded base cap in whichever caliber/pitch you want. The 3rd section contains the baffles. In other words, you can convert it to the correct barrel/caliber by changing thread adapters and end caps. It takes all of 2 minutes to do, and only requires 1 stamp. You can purchase the adapters and end caps over the counter without a stamp.

SBR is a whole other NFA stamp. If you can remove the can and end up with something that can still shoot with under a 16" barrel, you've got to get a tax stamp. No exceptions. The work around is that you have the can permanently attached in a way that only the end cap can be removed with a remaining barrel OAL of 16"(for maintenance purposes). Obviously this type of attachment method would negate the usefulness of the Kestrel model.
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