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Originally Posted by schibbs View Post
I really hate and am embarrassed I do not have the funds or the resources to help out every panhandling vet I see. We have every news channel and social media source pandering for aid for "illegals" and can't get these guys and gals into decent surrounds. I passed up another one today, a guy older than me , clean shaven, squared away looking backpack and a dog. " homeless vet on the road,with a dog, could use a couple days work"

I have mixed emotions about traveling the country with a dog, unless maybe a chick magnet teacup dog!
I know how you feel, but these days...every mutherfucker holding up a sign on the roadside is a homeless vet w/ dog attached to their leg for the added pull on christian heart strings. Most panhandlers are there because they want to be...I hate being a hardass...but you're in a rough spot, and it sucks...I've been there myself and will likely be there again. But I ain't begging and I ain't holding up a sign asking honest folks for a handout. That's me...not everyone else, just me.
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